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GC3 - Graphics Converter 3
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Description: This program is not necessary but pretty darn close to it for any .dat modifications requiring texture edits.

With GC3 you can open .dds files and bitmap files, and convert on to the other.

For FFXI dats, you open the edited bitmap in GC3, then convert it to the proper file type by going selecting the Format tab, then choosing one of the two engines (the DIB at the bottom is what one uses to convert a .dds file to bitmap) - some people have better success with one over the other, as they use different methods to convert the image, and both have a measure of deterioration (personally I use the S3 Encode Engine) - and selecting the DXT3 option.  Save, (be aware it will not automatically overwrite a file of the same name) then the texture is ready to be applied to the dat.

Be aware that this quick direction does not mess with alpha mapping, but there are many guides explaining alpha maps better than I can.
Posted by: Kamilynn October 16, 2010, 09:46:28 PM

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