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All things I've made myself, though you may notice many of my works are really just imports from other games. Still, I hope you'll enjoy em.
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Hatless Taru Trusts
More trust mods, this batch covers some of the tarus.
 Views: 14664
Aug 28, 2016
No-Glow Home Points
There, the glow is gone. Happy?
 Views: 1646
Jun 16, 2016
Escha - Zitah Color 2
 Views: 2026
Jun 01, 2016
Escha - Zitah Color 1
 Views: 2095
Jun 01, 2016
Escha - Zitah Color 3
 Views: 2057
Jun 01, 2016
Hatless Sylvie Trust
Because I hate the GEO hats and I love Sylvie, that's why
 Views: 2342
May 13, 2016
Wingless Selh'teus Trust
For those of you sick of seeing giant red and blue wings all the time. I may redo his back so he doesn't have that dark ring where the wings used to be.
 Views: 2313
May 13, 2016
 Views: 2455
Apr 09, 2016
 Views: 2479
Apr 09, 2016
 Views: 2473
Apr 09, 2016
 Views: 2532
Apr 09, 2016
No-Glow Veridical Confluxes
A minor dat edit to remove the glow around the Veridical Confluxes, greatly reducing lag on weaker systems (especially in Walk of Echoes). Note that there are two dat files for Confluxes, so you'd need to overwrite both to affect both places:

Walk of Echoes Confluxes: ROM5/8/92.dat
Abyssea Confl…
 Views: 1317
 Rating: 4.98
Feb 06, 2016
Job Master Stars
Some alternatives to the icons the game uses for Job Masters. Option 1 was created by myself in Photoshop. Option 2 was hand drawn by Carrotchan of Asura. There is also a 3rd Option which simply removes the stars.
 Views: 2839
 Rating: 0.10
Dec 23, 2015
Get ready to fight for your friends with Ragnell, Ike's sword from Fire Emblem and Smash Bros! This model was recreated using the model from Brawl. If you were hoping for the Wii U model, then you'll get no sympathy from me. Available for all races.
 Views: 4297
Sep 02, 2014
Galka Gold Futhark
The RUN relic armor (Futhark) recolored from salmon to... gold? Personally, I think it came out more like, banana colored, but anyway this was a request for Sechs of Asura. Enjoy!

Locations for the Galka Futhark Armor DATs:
Body: 306/22
Hands: 306/26
Legs: 306/30
Feet: 306/34
 Views: 508
Aug 30, 2014
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