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Author Topic: Festive Headpiece (antlers)  (Read 2305 times)

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Festive Headpiece (antlers)
« on: December 20, 2010, 01:45:23 AM »
This is a current WiP on my part, not quite done.  I don't know if anyone actually would be interested in using it but it has been a nice refreshing bit of fun for me ^^

I have four styles of "antlers" that I intend to do for all races (so far only have Mithra and hume F with all 4 and one beta version on taru) based on those cute lil festive headbands silly people wear around this time of year.  It turns out I also suck at making them look like real antlers <.<

Anyway, here are some of my WiP pics - When I've got it ported to all races for all four types I'll update this post and pop it on here ^^ but if no one is really that interested it will not necessarily be before the holiday :z

Mithra Antlers with Nose

Taru antlers with nose

Hume antlers with bells

Hume plain antlers

(the not pictured one is bells + nose on the antlers)

This is a totally pointless wtf mod for funsies only... I've put in about 3 hours to have 9 completed .dats so it isn't tough or anything <.<;  But everyone I've shared it with thinks it is a good mod so ^^!  Figured I could let more people know that it is (eventually) otw.
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