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Author Topic: Weapon Porting! [by: Mooshywooshy]  (Read 2318 times)

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Weapon Porting! [by: Mooshywooshy]
« on: September 03, 2010, 04:16:11 AM »

Author: Mooshywooshy

Davie: Ok, but I dont even know where to start ; ; Whats wrong, why is it jousted into my chest!? Did I make it mad ;;?

Mooshywooshy: Nono its ok Davie, you see, when you downloaded it you downloaded the sword that was made for Tarutaru!

Davie: But, I looked in my Galka section and it said 0 swords were available ; ; but I really like this sword! I saw you made it for Hume F too, do you just not like me ; ;?

Mooshywooshy: Davie dont be silly! Look all you need to do to get it to work for you is a little tiny bit of VRS!

Davie: Aw man, I really dont know anything about that program

Mooshywooshy: Its ok, lemme show you! Here we go!

Davie: Ok!

Mooshywooshy: Alright, to start off lets list what we want to accomplish here.
1-Place downloaded sword in place of a pre-existing Tarutaru sword.
2-Open downloaded sword in VRS.
3-Change the sword to work from Tarutaru to Galka.
4-Use the sword!

So lets do step one, open VRS and select the "FFXI Model Read" button...
Good job Davie! Now go ahead and select the Tarutaru tab and select the sword you replaced with the downloaded one.

Davie: I replaced Excalibur, so I just select the Tarutaru tab and open Weapon-Excalibur?

Mooshywooshy: Yup good job! There it is

Davie: Wow sweet! Now I... IM SO LOST!

Mooshywooshy: Okok calm down! Go ahead and select the "FFXI Model Read" button again.
Click the Galka Tab, and select the sword you would like to replace... You're replacing Weapon-Excalibur?

Davie: Yeah, I got one the other day and its so ugly

Mooshywooshy: Wow... just... ok well you see now there is your ugly Excalibur on top of the downloaded sword!
So there we have steps 1 and 2 already! You're half way done!

Davie: Why doesnt that sound comforting...

Mooshywooshy: Ehehe ^^; Ok in the Schematic window (The top long one) go to the right side and you will see the
basic structure of the ugly Excalibur. A long Black box, and 2 small black boxes underneath it. Select the 2 smaller
black boxes (1 by 1 or both at once with multi-select button) and delete them off!

Davie: AH! The Excalibur disappeared! I worked so long for that and I just deleted it. Ahah.. I kinda wanna cry.

Mooshywooshy: Its ok VRS backups everything when you export so it will still be there
Anyways now head over to the other side, you will see a similar structure! In our case we have 1 long black box and 1 small.
Highlight the small black box and copy (or cut) it onto the clipboard with ctrl-x or however you wanna.
Now go back to the other side, highlight the long black box with nothing under it, and paste!

Davie: Cool! Now I can export!!!!

Mooshywooshy: Nonono, youve still gotta set the weight so the sword will know to go to your hand, not your chest!

Davie: Ooh! Ok, thank goodness you told me!

Mooshywooshy: Ok, go ahead and delete side of the schematic that used to contain the downloaded weapon by going to the side you cut and pasted from and deleting the very top box that says FFXI.
This should leave us with the downloaded sword and the Galka skeleton in the perspective.
Highlight the single small black box that we pasted over earlier, you'll notice in the Perspective-1 screen the sword will turn all white with yellow boxes!

Davie: Whoa! I CAN EXPORT NOW!!

Mooshywooshy: Noooooo~~~ you need to click in the perspective window, then click the "Add Select" Button on the Operations toolbar to the left. (Dotted box with + in it)
Also make sure the "Vertex" button is depressed in the Target toolbox to the left as well.
In perspective 1 drag a big square over the whole sword so all the yellow boxes turn into red boxes.
After they are all red go to View-Envelope Open...

Davie: Oh no.. numbers.. im no good with numbers!

Mooshywooshy: Davie.. do you know .5+.5?

Davie: Its 1! Im not that bad

Mooshywooshy: Then you know enough
Now look at your hand Davie, you're a Galka what does it say?

Davie: Wow I never noticed that, it says "Sword - Skeleton 82"

To obtain a skeleton weight open a corresponding weapon for the race you are porting to, highlight a single vertex, open the envelope and check to see what number has a 1.000 by it, take note of this and delete whatever you imported.

Mooshywooshy: Thats right So what are we porting again?

Davie: A sword?.. A SWORD Skeleton 82!!

Mooshywooshy: Yes! Scroll down the list to Skeleton-82 and double click very very slowly, it will highlight it and you type in 1.

Sometimes after a weapon has changed skeletons it will not erase past weights, before entering a 1 for whichever weight you need, check to make sure all Skeleton-### have 0.0000 next to them. If you have 2 or more skeleton-### set to 1 it will not export.

Davie: I CAN EXPORT NOW!!!!!

Mooshywooshy: Go ahead  It should be all done!

Davie: Ok.. um how?

Mooshywooshy: xD You need to highlight the long black bar that says the path to the dat in it (C:/blahblah/Playonline/etcetc) then click the FFXI Model Export button.

Davie: I think it froze...

Mooshywooshy: Just wait a little bit, I went crazy with the vertexes on this Keyblade thing so it'll take a bit.

Davie: Done! IT WORKS! Its on my hand!!! Its kinda crooked though.. but I can fix that in Metasequoia by myself  Thanks so much!

Mooshywooshy: No problem

Post - Port Questions
Davie: Ok that was simple enough, but lets say I want to port a Scythe, I dont know what skeleton number that goes to since im a COR and cant use them. How do I find the number?
Mooshywooshy: Its pretty simple really, just import any Scythe into VRS and select any vertex on the weapon, then go into the Envelope to see what number has a 1 next to it ;)

Davie: Ok but what if it says it wont export because plural something or another :'(?
Mooshywooshy: Well it could be a few things, you could have missed a vertex on the weapon when you highlighted it so some of the vertexes didnt get the weight set

Davie: I have more questions but I dont have your phone number :'(

Mooshywooshy: In my profile I have my messenger screen names and of course you can always PM me here on this site! I will almost always reply hehe:)
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Re: Weapon Porting! [by: Mooshywooshy]
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2010, 09:14:44 AM »
Awww I remember writing that! Then Davie died and was replaced with Mooshkin! Good times :D

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Re: Weapon Porting! [by: Mooshywooshy]
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2010, 09:58:51 AM »
well i copied these from goblin tailor, i will work on more of these guides, so people can understand the porting

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Re: Weapon Porting! [by: Mooshywooshy]
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2010, 10:32:40 AM »
well i copied these from goblin tailor, i will work on more of these guides, so people can understand the porting
Please give credit to all sources where you found the guides, even if found on several sites.