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« on: April 20, 2012, 04:39:12 PM »
When there is an update the program usually needs a new release. 
This will work with latest FFXI update and includes a registry file that fixes some other issues.
One main problem is when you die, the program would freeze.  This is now fixed.
To run the Registry file just extract and double click.

Good News!!!! This program now works in XP and Windows 7. 

This program allows you to change the music in every zone in FFXI night and day.
It also allows you change combat music and add as many songs as you like in every scenario.
I did a youtube tutorial years ago and the program was recently updated as of 3/31/12.
It works like a charm and I've uploaded the tutorial again because of a friend's request.
The links are in the youtube description but I'll post everything here regardless:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

youtube video:
FFXI BGM Tutorial 3

links to the programs:

Link to mp3 to wav converter;sa=view;down=1144

Link to music editor;sa=view;down=1143

Link to main program, everything in one folder.  just extract to a folder and run while FFXI is running.;sa=view;down=1142

Some examples of the program in action:
FFXIBGM Beaucedine Glacier

FFXIBGM La Theine Plateau Night to Day

FFXIBGM Whitegate Night
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