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Author Topic: Looping Music with Intro (XIMC)  (Read 843 times)

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Looping Music with Intro (XIMC)
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:16:31 AM »
Hey gang, I don't have any dats to post right now, but I did wanna share this technique I discovered in XIMC to loop music files, allowing you to keep the intros in there. Since discovering this, I've been able to use a lot more songs than I ever thought I'd be able to, and I do plan on uploading a bunch of song collections. I don't think this information was available anywhere else, or at the very least not in English, so I hope this helps someone. Anyway!

1) In your music editor of choice (I use Audacity), get your song in there and loop it through whatever means you use (the Beat Finder works great for me).
2) Noting the duration of this loop, select a point in the song where you want to start the loop (like say, exactly 8 seconds in).
3) If possible (it is in Audacity, anyway), change your time display to Samples. A Sample is a fraction of a second, the amount depending on the Sampling Rate (which is in Hz). Most CD songs are gonna have a Sampling Rate of 44,100 Hz. That means that for every 44,100 samples, 1 second goes by. Oh yeah, make note of your Sampling Rate too.
4) So, remember where you wanted to start your loop? You need to find out how far into the song that is, in samples. If it were 8 seconds in, with a Sample Rate of 44,100, then it would be at 352,800 samples into the song.
5) Bust out your calculator! Divide your # of Samples by 16. Then convert this number into Hexadecimal. SAVE THIS NUMBER, for it is golden.
6) In XIMC, in the WAV -> BGW section, there's an entry box with some Japanese text next to it. The box defaults to 1. This is the where in the .bgw your song will be returning to once it ends (1 being the very beginning, so looping the entire .wav). Enter your golden number in this box.
7) Assuming you did not miscalculate anything and the song is actually looped properly, it should now be a fully functional .bgw with the loop just where you want it. Try it out!

So far, I have yet to have any issues with this method. Hope this helps.