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Author Topic: Elvaan Female Doublet Collection  (Read 2347 times)

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Elvaan Female Doublet Collection
« on: October 09, 2010, 07:25:32 PM »
Elvaan Female Doublet Collection;sa=view;down=401

I had started this project a long time ago because doublets were one of the armors Alikona never got to, but had stopped because I wasn't happy with what I could do based on then-current knowledge and skills. When someone requested a Hydra doublet, I decided to finish them up!

I don't know who uses what, and I did the Blessed body but not all of the other tunic styles, because these were just all of this style of armor that I have that were not yet modded. All of my other "tunics" are already replaced with an adequate Lowtech-y version. And anyway I think this is a bit more... melee styled than mage styled, which is what the other tunic type bodies seem more suited for.

Sources are Alikona, Lowtech, who created the original base body and SE.

Folder contains the bodies as seen, with placement in title, a readme with credits, and a smaller preview image.
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