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Author Topic: Hume Face 1 with Character creation texture by Chevalierkraken  (Read 4398 times)

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Hume Face 1 with Character creation texture by Chevalierkraken;sa=view;down=1369

Here is an HD replacer for hume female face 1, it's part of my project of texture overhaul based on character creation texture.

I changed the hair color as the hair color is nearly the same for face 1a and 1b

Face 1a

Face 1 b

I have made the 2 face with 3 available eyes color(green, blue and brown)

I also used Mira Kitty from Nekosentai improved face model as base fbecause of its great improvement but the texture works for vanilla model is you want to use it with Vanilla model

I have no 3D knowledge so, I can't really make edit to the 3D model, so if you want to edit some 3D model to fit better to the texture or upgrade my work, fell free to make it, just mention my name in the readme, please.
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