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Author Topic: Links to existing guides that are useful for newbies  (Read 6718 times)

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Links to existing guides that are useful for newbies
« on: October 26, 2010, 12:41:35 AM »
Generally, when people ask for help creating a dat, they far and beyond want something simple, like recoloring.  In an effort to make it easier for these people, and make it more entertaining for everyone out there (because not only is it fun to mod once you get into it) I figured it would be helpful to list a few of the more useful beginner guides.  They have generally been around for a while, but to be entirely honest, there hasn't been much in the way of changes to the process so they are still relatively useful.

Good recoloring guide -
It isn't particularly direct in the beginning, but the recoloring process, including alpha mapping, is laid out well.  The details in the coloring portion work for GIMP users and have a lot of nifty little things people generally don't think about starting out.  The only thing he doesn't really talk about in it, which is useful at times, is the UV mapping in Metasequioa - I don't think he knew about it at the time of writing the guide as he ponders over the reason the coloring at times overlaps and leaves lines on the middle of character models.

That however, among pretty much everything else in the way of program functions you can use to edit FFXI dats, is covered over on the Grumpy Rarab site:
This is about the most classic of guides when it comes to using the programs, but it isn't quite so much a tutorial as the best way to become acquainted with them.  Totally worth it though, from the UV mapping in Meta (don't forget to uncheck Basic Mode!) to vertex and primitive additions in VRS.

On the Goblin Tailor (registration required to view) there is a wealth of guides that were copied over when the original ffxidats announced its demise:
While a lot of these guides are more advanced content, there are some good ones for newbies, including how to swap dats, in case you are really that new :o There are a couple on UV mapping, again the first guides weakest point, and a whole heck of a lot regarding VRS usage, including HQ'ing textures, combining and porting armor/weapons, model editing, priority setting, and even some guides on changing in game music.  They also have the second half of the first guide linked here, but that isn't quite as on topic as the one I linked regarding recoloring, and that is a good thing to have lots and lots of information on.

Another source you can browse, which is really useful if you have an issue because many of the posts there are from people having issues, is the ffxi mod community forums
They have separate sections for each of the common programs, and there are some awesomely awesome posts by Korith and some of the older modders that show and tell how to use programs in very effective ways.  I totally have a crush on Korith.
I don't really know of any particular guides that should be linked individually from there as the prior links cover such a vast amount of information, but again, if you have any issues, search this forum and it is quite possible that you'll find someone else's resolution to that same issue.

Basically, if you even spend a small amount of time looking through these gems, you should be able to find the answers and processes to most beginning modding wants.  These are the very same places I poked at when I was starting out, but I had this nasty habit of running in before I know anything and only finding these after I'd wasted hours and hours of screwing things up on my own.  Like I said, I like the emphasis on error in my trial and error!
Back online but out of the loop too long, I need some reintroduction to this stuff! :D