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Author Topic: ============== ~ Final Fantasy XI Awakening Complete Music Overhaul (2019) ~ ===  (Read 155 times)

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=======================Final Fantasy Awakening Music Overhaul 2019========================

All musics chosen are either Remasters,remixes or Orchestral version.
Only the best selections~!

by Shevae (Phoenix)

Things in mind.
1-Bring new players!!!! with , HD MODS / Windower / Awakening , Its easier to bring friends over, FFXI ORIGINAL GAME is Everything. But over the years it needs more dedication 2 survive! <3 Final fantasy XI
3.collect ideas
4-find support. Music is Everything, and Innovation is Everything. Addon.W5
5-Overhaul FFXI OST with the best Rem(s)

================== ~ FFXIAwakening Sample's ~ ==================

Mount song - Another Inspiration (Chrono Cross)

Escha - You can hear the cry of the planet (Final fantasy 7)

Bastok Market - Chaos Temple (Final Fantasy 1)

Interesting huh?! You'll play Day n Night~!


1.1 Download

2.1 Installation

Open FFXIAwakening.rar
Open the folder FFXIAwakening
Locate Final Fantasy XI folder, usualy ------> C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI
Replace all the sound folder in Final Fantasy XI folder by the ones found in FFXIAwakening

2.2 Uninstall

Simply drag and drop/replace all the sound folders in Final fantasy XI with the ones in the folder Backup(1-9)
That way you can always enjoy FFXI original music if you wish to sometimes!


Final Fantasy XI Awakening Square Enix Masterpieces Collections by Shevae (Phoenix) ^.~

================== ~ Final Fantasy XI: Vana diel ~ ==================

Character Select Screen - Overture (Final fantasy 8)

Mog House - Dearly Beloved II Reprise (Kingdom Heart II)

Mount Song - Another Inspiration (Chrono Cross)

Escha - You can hear the cry of the planet (Final fantasy 7)

Reisenjima - Rose of May (Final fantasy 9)

Ambuscade - The Decisive battle (Final fantasy 6)

Abyssea Battle Theme - Awakening (Xenogears)

Abyssea Final Battle - Last Fight (Chrono trigger)

Solo Battle Field - Battle theme (Final Fantasy X)

Party Battle Field - Battle theme (Final Fantasy X)

Solo Battle Dungeon - Knight of fire (Xenogears)

Party Battle Dungeon - Assault attack (Final fantasy X)

Burning Circle - Light from the netherworld (Xenogears)

San d'oria - Lindblum Castle (Final fantasy 9)

Chateau D'oraguile - into the fortress (final fantasy 12)

Ronfaure - Blue field (Final fantasy 8)

Bastok - Lucas (Final fantasy X)

Metalwork - Cid Theme (Final fantasy 7)

Gustaberg - Hopeless Desire (Final fantasy X)

Ship - Home voyage (Chrono Cross)

Airship - Flight (Xenogears)

Selbina - Home Marbule (Chrono Cross)

Mhaura - Ahead on our way (Final fantasy 7)

Windurst - Descendant of Shinobi (Final fantasy 7)

Saruta Baruta - The Treasure which cannot be stolen (Xenogears)

Heaven tower - Epicedium (Bahamut Lagoon)

Saurumogue Champaign - Drowned Valley (Chrono Cross)

Rolanberry field - Singing of the gentle wind (Xenogears)

Batalia down - Shevat, The wind is calling (Xenogears)

Jeuno - Dearly Beloved II (Kingdom heart II)

Rulude Garden - Waltz for the moon (Final fantasy 8)

Death - Game over (Final fantasy 7)

Xarcabard - Paramina rift (Final Fantasy 12)

Castle Vahzl - Ancient Dragon's Stronghold - (Chrono Cross)

Shadow Lord & Dynamis Xarcarbard - Magus Theme (Chrono trigger)

================== ~ Rise of the zilarts ~ ==================

Party Battle Field - Stage of Death (Xenogears)

Party Battle Dungeon - Mistery Blade (Final fantasy 9)

Battle Boss - The Extreme (Final Fantasy 8)

Kazham - Besaid island (Final fantasy X)

Yuhthunga Jungles - Chronomantique (Chrono Cross)

Norg - Ayee Pirate! (Final Fantasy 5)

Rabao - Arni village (Chrono Cross)

Altepa Desert - Terra Theme (Final fantasy 6)

The sanctuary of zi'tah - The sanctuary of zi'tah *Piano* (Final Fantasy 11)

Hall of the Gods - Those chosen by the planet (Final fantasy 7)

Ro'maeve - If you open your heart (Final Fantasy 7)

Ru'aun Garden - From the edge of despairs (Final fantasy 7)

Ve'lugannon Palace - Truth (Final Fantasy 8)

Fighters of the crystal - Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy 6)

Eald'narche (Final Boss Part 1) - Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy 8)

Belief (Final Boss Part 2) - The legendary beast (Final fantasy 8)

================== ~ Chains of Promathia ~ ==================

Party Battle Field - Sinister Sundown (Kingdom heart II)

Party Battle Dungeon - Only a plank between one and perdition (Final fantasy 8)

C.Burning Circle - Premonition (Final fantasy 8)

Movalpolos - You're not alone (Final fantasy 9)

Promyvion - Reunion (Final fantasy 7)

Manaclipper - Scars of time (Chrono Cross)

Tazvanian Archipelago - Theme of sorrow (Final fantasy 4)

Pso'Xja - Between Ordeals (Final fantasy 10)

Al-Taieu - Dead Sea (Chrono Cross)

The Garden of Ru'Hmet - Undersea palace (Chrono Trigger)

Tazvnanian Safehold - Yoyo's Theme (Bahamut Lagoon)

Final Battle Phase 1 - Jenova Absolute (Final fantasy 7)

Final Battle Phase 2 - One Winged Angel (Final fantasy 7)

================== ~ Treasure of aht urgan ~ ==================

Party Battle Field - Battle theme (Final fantasy 9)

Party Battle Dungeon - Battle theme (Final fantasy 7)

Besieged - City under siege (Final fantasy 9)

BCNM/Einherjar - Divinity 1 (Advent Children)

Assault Battle - Hurry faster (Final fantasy 7)

Ship - The blue traveler - (Xenogears)

Nyzul/salvage - The gods Awaken (Xenogears/Chrono cross remix)

Wajaom/Bhaflau - For the reunion (Advent Children)

Arrapago reef - The lunarians (Final fantasy 4)

Caedarva mire - Cry in sorrow (Final fantasy 4)

Aydeewa Subterrane - Sign (Advent Children)

Nashmau - Turk's Theme (Final fantasy 7)

Whitegate - The bonds of sea and fire (Xenogears)

Odin - Divinity II (Advent children)

Alexander - Those who fight further (Final fantasy 7)

================== ~ Wings of the goddess ~ ==================

Party Battle Field - Blinded by light (Final fantasy 13)

Party Battle Dungeon - The Decisive battle (Final fantasy 6)

Campaign Battle - The landing (Final fantasy 8)

Walk of Echo - Liberi fatali (Distant World)

Windurst Waters - The boundless ocean (Final fantasy 3)

West Saruta baruta - Wind Scene[600A.D] (Chrono trigger)

North San D'oria - Temptation of the princess (Final fantasy 2)

East Ronfaure - Returners (Final fantasy 6)

Bastok Market - Chaos Temple (Final Fantasy 1)

North Gustaberg - Awakening (Final fantasy 6)

Rolanberry/Saurumugue/Battalia - Mountains (Terranigma)

Maze Mongers - Hunter's chance (Final fantasy 9)

Xarcabard - Find your way (Final fantasy 8)

Castle Zvahl - Mako Reactor (Final fantasy 7)

Beastmen Stronghold - Boss Battle (Final fantasy9)

WotG Final Battle - Jenova Absolute (Final fantasy 7)

================== ~ Seekers of adoulin ~ ==================

Adoulin Music Pack will be released after....Feedback ~!?~
Give me Ideas and Vision!

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