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For those who dont know me I am the original creator/author/owner of

So I was a little bored today and thought I would google my old site and see what comes up... and I must say you guys have done a great job!

Since the site closed back in June 2010 I have started my own web design company and business is booming... as expected I just wouldn't have time to continue to run such a popular site as FFXIDats was.

We had over 10,000 visitors per day.
We had over 8000 files (unfortunately not hosted directly by ourselves)
and we had one hell of a community for 6 strong years!

But with such popularity comes costs and each month the bandwidth alone was costing more and more without the site giving back. Moderators didn't play the game anymore and we sadly lost on moderator to suicide.

R.I.P Datarin. <3

We had some amazing members who donated to keep the site online and we tried we really did but in the end it just cost too much.

I backed up the site onto a hardisk but unfortunately on my way to work one day I was attacked by some guy wanting my wallet. He grabbed hold of my bag with my harddrive inside. I fought to keep my items and in doing so my harddrive fell onto the pavement and smashed. The entire site has unfortunately been lost. :(

I met some amazing people during the FFXIDats days and would very much like to give what I can back, so....

I still own the domain if you guys would like it just let me know.
It is hosted through and will be very easy to transfer across.

Just say the word, you guys made FFXIDats what it was and I'm sorry we could no longer support it.

Zenith x


I never was part of the community when the site was up, though I had known of it for a couple years, and I'm saddened by that because now I really enjoy modding.  I appreciate all that you've done for the community - it wouldn't have blossomed as much if your site wasn't around, and I had inspiration from all the people who DID actually participate that makes me enjoy it even to this day :)

Also, thanks for coming and saying something so kind.  A lot of people who were "the community" felt it necessary to berate Icari for the domain name on other sites because they felt it was better to let the community die with the domain.  Personally, I hadn't been part of it, but I couldn't see how removing the works of was at all respectful to ANY of the modders, even if people declared they felt it should be that way.  I know many of the old time modders have already at least browsed through here and I haven't heard anything negative here, only on other ffxi community sites, but it is nice to have such a direct statement from someone who mattered not only on the content of the site but the site itself!

I appreciate what you have done, and while I have no authority to take you up on your offer, I really appreciate what it means :)


Thank you for the comments about the site. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your hard drive with the old site on it. At this time I have no interest in using the old domain name, in part due to those that have issues with the small fact that I have ffxidats in the sub domain name here. If you would not mind setting up a redirect from that domain to here that would be fine with me. So far the running of this site has not exceeded the minimal hosting plan that I have which I am greatful for as the ads set up on this forum have not yet made enough to earn me a paycheck to pay for any part of the hosting which I am ok with at this point. If at any time you wish to help with the site you are more then welcome to send me a pm and we can work something out.

I do miss mah dats, but it's good to hear from you!

Posted to all Facebook members :

Hi Guys, Ye old owner of FFXIDats Zenith here...

I just wanted to stop by, say hello and give my godly blessings to all...

As of late I have been a little bored and googled FFXIDats to see what you have all been up to... and I'm a sad panda.

Whats with all the flame wars?

FFXIDats was started to bring the dat community together, to Create, Comment and Contribute was our motto. Shame on you for letting this die :(

I have stumbled across many small dat related sites all in some way using our original name to advertise what they do. They may not look like us or even function the same way our site did but the fact is these people care enough to not let it die.

Yes we where the biggest, yes we where the best, and yes Square Enix totally hated us and called us hackers but my god we where a strong group of friends all with the same interests and we where what made the site strong!

I think it would be amazing and an honour to have every dat community site use our name in their logo or domain as a reference and new term to FFXI dat modding. I think it would be even more amazing if you guys supported that rather than supporting FFXIDats as what it once was.

What better way than to celebrate what FFXIDats was than to have a load of sites named after it? And you guys can sit strong knowing you where part of it from the very start!

I still own and will direct it here (facebook page) until I choose otherwise.

Never Forget : Create | Comment | Contribute!


I only hope this helps to strengthen what the community once was. Good luck with the site chaps :)



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