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Kami's Custom Corset Colors


Kami's Custom Corset Colors


I created this dat in response to a request in late 2010, and released it privately to the person who made the request.

This mod helped me learn a LOT about model editing and texture creation, but because I wasn't that adept at it at the time I always felt it wasn't a very good piece - more of a practice piece than an actual "mod" I suppose.

But, because of the time I put into learning about editing through this mod, I was able to create my AF3 mods, which many people seemed to like and I was very happy with :)

Recently, many people have asked about it, and I decided I can release it "as is" and in the future, if I have time, I can alter it and make it more to my liking :)

I included a few quick recolors because I can't just have one <.<
The original purple has silver detailing, but I chose to go with gold for the other colors because I liked the warmer gold tone.

The sleeves in this mod "hide" gloves, like long sleeves, because that was part of the request - this works well with many of my modded hands and a number of SE's hands, but some of the bulkier ones (as well as just some of them for no reason) do have a bit of clipping. I might change this in future versions, but as of this moment I haven't had the time or ability to alter it in VRS.

The sleeves look REALLY nice with Everdyne's manicured hands though :p

The body is made to match up to my mods, and because there is no belt, it does look a bit strange mixed with some other dats. This is something that you find in many mods and something I have no intention to "fix." Just be aware :)

There is a skeleton weight on the shoulder that makes the tattoo look a bit weird in certain animations (I'm looking at you, BLU magic!) and I haven't any inclination or time to address this. So please don't tell me about it, I'm well aware ^^;

Anywho, sorry for the absence, and I hope no one minds my >1year old mod being released when I should be able to make better things :x

Included are eight dats - the four colors in the image above, in tattooed/not tattooed styles. Also included is a readme containing much of the text seen here, and smaller versions of the images seen above.

Thanks for downloading!


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