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HF Himegami Yukata


HF Himegami Yukata



Info below copied from the readme!

Decided to play with the pretty new thing!

Gi base from Delusionalbastard's Arhat's Gi (first release).

Body base from my Manteel collection.

Altered to have a bit of a bounce! Not tested in game but I can't imagine it not working - tested with most animations but there might be some mild clipping since I did the weighting freehanded.

It's my birthday okay, I get to do stupid things! (yay me 24 gogo)

Anywho, I hope someone is interested in using this ^^


Colors mildly altered as well as the usual bs with texture resizing and model alteration. Because I'd rather watch people play video games (skyrim and the star wars MMO, neither of which I'm into but are fun to watch) and mess with mods than go out and do something fancy on my birthday :3

To be fair it isn't my birthday anymore, that was yesterday <.< but I haven't slept yet so it counts!

looks cute kami.  glad to see something new from you.  still looking forward to seeing a rdm dat for empy if your still working on those.   =^.^= ~


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