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Hume F Cleric's Jubbah - HQ


Hume F Cleric's Jubbah - HQ

HQ mod of the Jubbah model using a texture created for Mithra. I am only responsible for this dat in that I took the HQ texture and applied it to the NQ dat and recolored the bust to be Hume skin tone.  Haven't yet tried in game but there should not be any errors.

All credit for this mod goes to the original author of the mithra dat- I am sorry that I don't know who that it, as it is a lovely mod.



Very Awesome. Good work there! :D

It looks better than before! Much smoother *^_^*

Thank you thank you thank you!! <3 And if you ever finish that other one and upload it too i'll so go for it ;D

You're awesome!! <3


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