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I've nearly completed my slow but steady process of replacing every status icon I've deemed "uninformative". Fortunately, the dat file is ready for download for the time being (if you don't mind maybe like 5 icons being not adjusted yet). Download is here: http://ffxidats.caarrie.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1353

This .DAT is valid as of the May 2017 update. If your icons revert to the defaults after a game update, do not re-use the old file, but instead wait til I have updated this download. The file path for status icons is ROM/119/57.DAT.

DetailsMighty Strikes, Brazen Rush, Hundred Fists, Inner Strength, Perfect Dodge, Chainspell, Stymie, Asylum, Manafont, Subtle Sorcery, Invincible, Intervene (received)
DetailsBlood Weapon, Soul Enslavement, Unleash, Soul Voice, Clarion Call, Overkill, Astral Flow, Astral Conduit, Meikyo Shisui, Yaegesumi, Spirit Surge, Fly High
DetailsMikage, Azure Lore, Unbridled Wisdom, Overdrive, Trance, Grand Pas, Tabula Rasa, Bolster, Widened Compass, Elemental Sforzo, Odyllic Subterfuge (received)

Stats Up/Down: Red = Up, Blue = Down
DetailsPhysical Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, Magic Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion
DetailsSubtle Blow, Store TP, Counter Bonus

DetailsBarfire, Barblizzard, Baraero, Barstone, Barthunder, Barwater
DetailsBarvirus, Baramnesia, Barparalyze, Barsilence, Barpetrify, Barpoison, Barsleep, Barblind

DetailsEnfire, Enblizzard, Enaero, Enstone, Enthunder, Enwater, Enlight, Endark

Elemental DoT's:
DetailsBurn, Frost, Choke, Rasp, Shock, Drown

Status Ailments:
DetailsParalyze, Petrify, Gradual Petrify, Disease, Plague, Doom, Zombie (recovery prevention curse), Helix, Kaustra, Avoidance Down

WAR Abilities:
DetailsBerserk, Defender, Warcry, Aggressor, Retaliation, Warrior's Charge, Restraint, Blood Rage

MNK Abilities:
DetailsBoost, Dodge, Focus, Counterstance, Formless Strikes, Impetus, Perfect Counter

THF Abilities:
DetailsSneak Attack, Trick Attack, Hide, Feint, Assassin's Charge, Conspirator

PLD Abilities:
DetailsCover, Sentinal, Fealty, Divine Emblem, Reprisal*, Palisade*
*these two were implemented despite having unique icons

DRK Abilities:
DetailsLast Resort, Soul Eater, Dark Seal, Diabolic Eye, Nether Void, Scarlet Delerium (prepared, and activated), Consume Mana

RNG Abilities:
DetailsSharpshot, Camouflage, Barrage, Velocity Shot, Unlimited Shot,
Flashy Shot, Stealth Shot, Double Shot, Decoy Shot

SMN Abilities:
DetailsShining Ruby, Avatar's Favor, Cait Sith's Favor, Apogee, Perfect Defense, Earthen Armor, Endrain and Enaspir (Heavenward Howl), Curing Coduit, TP Bonus (Crystalline Blessing)

SAM Abilities:
DetailsHasso, Seigan, Sekkanoki, Sengikori, Hagakure

BLU Abilities:
DetailsDiffusion, Convergence, Efflux, Unbridled Learning

DNC Abilities:
DetailsDrain Samba, Drain Daze, Aspir Samba, Aspir Daze, Haste Samba, Haste Daze,
Presto, Building Flourish, Climactic Flourish, Striking Flourish, Ternary Flourish, Contradance

RUN Abilities:
DetailsVallation/Valiance, Pflug, Swordplay, Embolden, Battuta, Liement

GEO Abilities:
DetailsLasting Emanation, Ecliptic Attrition, Collimated Fervor, Blaze of Glory, Dematerialize, Theurgic Focus, Entrust

DetailsHoly Circle, Arcane Circle, Warding Circle, Ancient Circle, Killer Instinct

Miscellaneous Job Abilities:
DetailsIssekigan, Futae, Sange, Triple Shot, Nightingale, Troubadour, Flurry, Spur, Phalanx
DetailsDivine Seal, Divine Caress (prepared, and activated), Sacrosanctity, Elemental Seal, Manawall, Cascade, Saboteur, Klimaform

Miscellanous Buffs:
DetailsMulti-strikes, Physical Shield (Fanatic's), Magic Shield (Fool's, One for All), Fast Cast, Addle, Transcendency (Primeval Brew),
Capacity Point Bonus, Regen, Refresh, Regain, Enmity Boost (Crusade), Pax (Enmity Reduction)

Bard Songs:
DetailsPaeon, Ballad, Minuet, Madrigal, Minne, Mambo, Prelude,
March, Mazurka, Scherzo, Etude, Carol, Resist Songs (Pastoral et al), Hymnus,
Sirvente, Dirge, Requiem, Lullaby, Elegy, Threnody, Nocturne

Corsair Rolls:
DetailsCorsair's, Ninja, Hunter's, Chaos, Magus, Healer's, Drachen, Choral,
Monk's, Beast, Samurai, Evoker's, Rogue's, Warlock's, Fighter's, Puppet,
Gallant, Wizard's, Dancer's, Scholar's, Bolter's, Caster's, Courser's, Blitzer's,
Tactician's, Allies', Miser's, Companion's, Avenger's, Naturalist's, Runeist's, Crooked Cards

Indi-Spell Buffs/Debuffs:
DetailsFury, Precision, Barrier, Voidance, Acumen, Focus, Fend, Attunement, Haste,
Regen, Refresh, STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, CHR
DetailsWilt, Slip, Frailty, Torpor, Fade, Vex, Malaise, Languor,
Poison, Gravity, Slow, Paralyze

SCH -storm II spells:
To-Do List:
Critical Hit Rate, Foil, and various immunity meds (ie: Amnesia Screen).
Do some of these icons look familiar? They ought to, I shamelessly stole many designs from other games and only made things from scratch when I had to. This was done because I'm not that great an artist, as well as recognizability.

Updated! Since my last post I've added icons for nearly every status on my list. Still a few missing, but I'm happy to release it for now since there aren't really any glaring omissions. Download is here: http://ffxidats.caarrie.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1353

Again, please feel free to submit ideas, criticisms, questions, etc.

Apparently, you have to set the Icon Type to type 2 for the icons to take effect. Config > Misc. > Icons Type > 2

Updated for the February 2015 version

Updated for March 2015


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