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Hume F Robe and Booty Short Sets, 3 styles

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Hume F Robe and Booty Short Sets, 3 styles


Saddened by the unattractiveness of my Goliard body and not interested in the one that showed a bit too much, I decided to mimic Korith's Mithra robe set and make one I liked.  Not to be a normal human being, I decided I wanted to make three versions, and then I decided I wanted to make it for all 16 Robe type bodies, AND THEN I decided I should edit Garkyk19's booty shorts for slops to fit in as well, since the Goliard mod I had was his matched set with the booty shorts.

Included is 16 body armors in 3 styles, as seen; there are 2 errant of two styles because I wasn't liking the way they looked <.<
12 Booty Shorts made to replace the Slops of the same names, and a Read me with placement.

There is a mild issue with the bra + skirt model as one of the faces of the bra moves with the mesh of the arm in certain motions, but I haven't got the knowledge, ability or patience to mess with it.

EDIT: Thanks to wonderful direction by Korith, I have resolved this issue on all tops with the bra and skirt. Thanks so much Korith! <3

I spent way too much time being a moron on this, so I hope you guys like some/all of them - some look better in different styles than others in my opinion!

Even the ones in the picture look great! I highly recommend you try these out.

Sorry about the huge amount of text on the preview image, I had a lot to say that I didn't want to get lost <.<;;

Also, whoever gets the joke about the three styles in the image gets a cookie*!

(*internet flavored cookie, restrictions apply)

Hey, sorry about this commenting on my own stuff, but I wanted anyone who may have downloaded this to know that with Korith's help I solved the issue with the bra + skirt set and reuploaded the fixed version in the .zip file.  If you have downloaded it and intend to use that style, please redownload ^^ thanks!

I think your designs are awesome, I was wondering if you wouldnt mind uploading the hairstyles you use for .dats you've uploaded, im sure im not the only one who wouldnt mind using them.

thanks in advance.


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