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Job Master Stars


Some alternatives to the icons the game uses for the Job Masters stars. Option 1 was created by myself in Photoshop. Option 2 was hand drawn by Carrotchan of Asura. There is also a 3rd Option which simply removes the stars.

To install, pick whichever option you want and rename that file to 51. Move the file to the folder ROM/119.
If you are in the middle of playing FFXI, you must log completely out and restart the game for the changes to take effect.

Updated for Feb 2016

Hi ! Can you add an option when only one of the small star remain ? (the left one for example), or do you have the .psd for photoshop editing ?

Unfortunately, I can't do that; whatever is in that spot graphically is going to appear in the same formation (big one, with 2 little ones next to it).

Updated for August 2016


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