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Darker Valkurm Dunes (Zone)

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Darker Valkurm Dunes (Zone)


Author: Dracovivi

Here we have something much more better for our beloved Valkurm Dunes a darker one, instead of the bright light sun sand......yeah you know. Here are a few notes from Dracovivi.

Not so blindingly bright sand of Valkurm Dunes.

Packed up two version, both with the darker sand.
The second version was just a "auto color balance" adjustment on the textures of the outpost.
Gave it a nice "weathered" effect so I am including it with the archive.

~Dracovivi   (ffxidats.com)

Valkurm DunesDetailsWeathered OutpostDetails

Awesome! Now just need one for Xarcabard... that place is blinding too at midday, if there's no dark weather.

Have to ask, where is the file that replaces? Is it rom-0-100?

Awesome! I agree that some of those zones were a little bright during daytime weather... this makes it much easier on the eyes without having to mess around with the gamma setting. Thanks!

Oh this is much better. I downloaded this about a month ago and had only been in the dunes for short periods of time, so I hadn't really noticed. Was there about a week ago and lord, did this make a huge difference. I love it, great work.


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