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Pictars of ma dats and stuff
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 Views: 1686
Jan 18, 2015
in Dat Pictures
Elemental Staves +3
3rd iteration of Elemental Staves.
 Views: 2700
Apr 30, 2012
in Dat Pictures
Previewpic Backup Your Dats Plez
 Views: 1916
 Rating: 4.97
Mar 15, 2012
in Dat Pictures
Diabolos Scythe
Another unreleased dat, was made alongside the Lightbringer. Its a little large but follows the arc of a normal scythe so it looks natural swinging.
 Views: 1065
Sep 03, 2010
in Dat Pictures
Galka Last Remnant Great Sword
I dun made this based on a Great Sword from Last Remnant.
I didn't like how it turned out so it was never formally released originally, but meh!
 Views: 1236
Sep 03, 2010
in Dat Pictures
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