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Lovely modding attempts at little things that bother me in the game. Hope they turn out well ;>.>
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Hume Female No Equip Legs/Feet
My wife asked me to remove the weird knee thing from the Hume Female models. I didn't change the shorts nor the shape of the legs, just the knee thing. She liked it and I hope you will too!
 Views: 2101
Jun 26, 2011
in Sully's Modding Attempts
Elvaan Male Ravager's Calligae
Having my toes exposed while wielding giant pointy/sharp/heavy things? I think not. So I changed it. I need those to count thank you very much. :P
 Views: 838
Jun 26, 2011
in Sully's Modding Attempts
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Sully's Modding Attempts
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